Changing for the better

The main thing about new prices, product strategy and the future of the company

How Solar Staff has changed after December 1, 2023

Commission for clients


3.5–9% of turnover depending on the client's jurisdiction and the tax status of their freelancers


2–6% depending on the client turnover and jurisdiction

New offer cost


6% of the offer amount, payable by the client or freelancer


3% of the offer amount, payable by the client or freelancer

Withdrawal commission
for freelancers


$2, €2 or ₽50, on withdrawals below $50, €50 or ₽1,000 respectively


Different commissions for different payment partners:

2%: Bank cards and accounts
2.5%: Russian-issued bank cards
3.5%: Russian bank accounts, e-wallets, crypto wallets

The commission for cards and accounts cannot be less than the minimum values of 2$, 2€, or 50₽

Pavel Shynkarenko

Founder and CEO of Solar Staff

Hi everyone,

I'm Pavel Shynkarenko, CEO and founder of Solar Staff, and I'd like to explain the rationale behind the changes in our pricing.

First and foremost, this is about Solar Staff's positioning. We want to evolve the service, taking it from a solution for secure transactions between companies and freelancers to a full-fledged platform with products that cater to a number of audiences, including freelancers, companies, and players in the gig economy.

The new prices and redefined product strategy are going to galvanize our growth and facilitate the roll-out of improvements for clients and freelancers alike. One example of such improvements is partnering with an acquiring bank to make it easier for clients to top up their balance. And for freelancers, we will be launching international tax compliance support and providing assistance in obtaining digital nomad visas. This is just a taste of all the exciting things on the horizon!

That being said, there is another reason for the pricing change: a big jump in infrastructure costs since the launch of the service. In its operation, Solar Staff relies on integration with dozens of licensed payment providers, mediators for dispute resolution, KYC/KYB tools, and much more. These things cost significant money. Even so, we delayed the price increase as much as possible, with many other services having already increased their rates.

I understand that this is a lot to take in, and our customers will need time to adjust to the new rates. We've done our best to answer the questions you might have here, and our support team is always there to advise you further. We are responding even faster than usual, so don't hesitate to reach out in the website chat, on social media, and in our articles' comment sections.

Solar Staff for Businesses

Existing features

Freelancers from 190 countries


Closing documents for each completed task (certificates, invoices)

KYC checks

Personalized catalogues of services

Assignment of intellectual property rights


Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)


Acquiring bank partnership

Use a card to top up your Solar Staff balance

Advanced API workspace

With dashboards, a history of transactions, and an extended set of permissions

Solar Staff for Freelancers

Existing features

6 payment methods, including bank accounts, 
e-wallets (QIWI, WebMoney), and cards

Tax accounting advice (in certain regions)

Multi-currency withdrawals to bank accounts

Consultations on FX control

Automatic generation of receipts for the self-employed (in certain regions)

Closing documents for each completed task (certificates, invoices)


Referral program

Get rewards for inviting clients to Solar Staff

Help with tax compliance in Europe

We will guide you through Europe's tax rates and regulations

Nomad visa consultation

We'll walk you through the digital nomad visa application process and tell you how Solar Staff can help

New payment methods

PayPal and more, so our customers have a wide variety of options


How do I pay the freelancer’s commission?
By default, the system will let you pay 2% of the task amount, which is the commission on withdrawals to cards (except Russian cards) and bank accounts. If you want to pay a different commission, specify it when setting the task.
No, Solar Staff generates documents as before, with certificates indicating the amount of the task and invoices – the full cost of the task (including the commission).
For crypto and electronic wallets, 3.5% of the withdrawal amount.

For other withdrawal methods, the commission remains the same as before. If the withdrawal amount is less than €50, $50 or ₽1,000, the commission will amount to €2, $2 or ₽50, respectively.

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